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    Braces Behind Teeth

    Braces Behind Teeth

    Braces behind teeth have caught on in a big way with those who are not blessed with the perfect smile they always dream of; these braces can set your teeth right and alter their position to get them perfectly aligned to give you that beautiful and mesmerizing smile you always wanted.

    Teeth vary from one person to the other; only a few are lucky to have a perfect set of teeth and balanced jaw size. There are some whose teeth are crooked and have to be straightened out and there are others who have issues with the size of the jaws. When the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw it is referred to as overbite and when the lower jaw is bigger than the upper jaw it is underbite.

    Braces Behind TeethBraces in previous times

    Braces sure are a perfect solution for people with crooked or misaligned teeth which could be due to genetic reasons or lifestyle during the formative years.

    Braces previously were made of metal and the person wearing them would find it quite difficult to eat or drink. Decades ago people who had braces were called ‘metal mouth’ when braces had metal rings and bands placed all around the teeth. The whole picture would look quite ugly with those metal contraptions being visible to all.

    Braces now

    Dental technology has developed in leaps and bounds and the recent advancement in this field has led to the use of clear or invisible braces that cannot be seen; these are known as braces behind teeth.

    The other type of braces that are also in vogue now are the clear or invisible braces that are hardly noticeable.

    And there are still some who prefer it the old-fashioned way and prefer metal braces and some of them who opt for braces that are matched with the colour of their teeth. And if they don’t wish for others to see their braces ask for placing Braces Behind Teeth and a lot of people in show biz prefer these braces.

    The wires used now are much smaller than the ones used in olden days and are made of material that help faster straightening of the teeth and more conveniently too. Rubber bands too are more colourful and attractive to look at.

    More about braces behind teeth and how they work

    Whatever contributed to your crooked and misaligned teeth it is braces alone that can set it right and present you with a bewitching smile.

    Braces behind teeth are nothing but metal braces that are worn behind the teeth and are designed to slowly push the teeth till they reach proper alignment.

    These braces help to make the teeth straight by gently and steadily putting pressure of them to help them move to a different place after a certain period. The wires and the rubber bands, both work hand in glove to correct the wrong alignment of the teeth. It is the wires that move the teeth and it is the rubber bands that bring the teeth to proper alignment.

    Advantages of braces behind teeth

    A lot of patients prefer braces behind teeth due to various reasons and we shall see some of them here.

    Since the braces are placed behind the teeth no one will be able to notice that you are wearing a corrective appliance and they don’t come in the way of socializing.

    People stop looking at you in a weird manner.

    Eating and drinking restrictions are diluted to a great extent and dental hygiene can be better maintained.

    How are braces behind teeth made?

    The orthodontist who you approach will first of all assess the patient’s teeth to see if they do need braces. If yes, they take a mold of the teeth and give it to the lab for digitalising it. With computer aided designing and manufacturing a set of customized invisible braces are made.

    But everyone can’t opt for having these invisible braces; it is the orthodontist who will suggest if you are an apt candidate for this type of Braces Behind Teeth, and if you are, your search for the perfect smile is happily over.

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